IDO World Ballet, Modern and Jazz Championships 2016

The Venues

Rittal Arena

Home to a handball team and location for several sports and cultural events, the arena is the perfect place for this world-class dance event. From the outside a modern shape attracts visitors. In the inner a perfect venue architecture creates best views from all seats without restrictions. And its convenient connection to all means of transportation provides easy access to everyone.

Rittal Arena
Wolfgang-Kühle-Str. 1
35576 Wetzlar

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• Access by public transportation system:
Situated at Wetzlar Train Station (beside Wetzlar Forum - a shopping mall), Rittal Arena is directly linked with cities like Frankfurt, Giessen, Kassel and Limburg. Detailled information can be found at Deutsche Bahn.

Stadthallen Wetzlar

Stadthallen Wetzlar has been home to numerous events - starting from culture and comedy. Many national and international dance events have been taken place here. In 2016, all Ballet competitions and some Solo/Duo competions for children and juniors will be held here on the first Sunday and Monday.

Stadthallen Wetzlar
Brühlsbachstraße 2b
35578 Wetzlar

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Stadthallen Wetzlar is located in the upper Old Town. You find a car park and bus stops in close distance. Access by public transportation system

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