IDO World Ballet, Modern and Jazz Championships 2016


We are offering the following choices:
All tickets for Rittal Arena will assure dedicated seating for all price categories. In Stadthalle Wetzlar for all ticket holders (including 8-day ticket holders) there is free seating only.

ticket prices

multiple-day-tickets (23th-30th October)

category I   (blocks E, F, G, H): 180,00 €
catgegory II  (blocks D, I): 150,00 €


23rd/24th October - Stadthallen Wetzlar
standard: 10,00 €
reduced: 8,00 €

25th-30th October - Rittal Arena
Tue, Wed, Thu
catgegory I   (blocks E, F, G, H): 35,00 €
catgegory II  (blocks D, I): 35,00 €
catgegory III (blocks B, C, J, K): 35,00 €

Fri, Sat, Sun
catgegory I   (blocks E, F, G, H): 45,00 €
catgegory II   (blocks D, I): 40,00 €
catgegory III (blocks B, C, J, K): 35,00 €

Children up to the age of 6 are not required to have a ticket, however do not have their own seat.

The starting time of the competitions varies between 9:00 and 9:30 am.

Pre-sale is available online - Ticketmaster

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Furthermore we do offer reductions for group orders of tickets. Convenient to book by email (and only) send your request to:

One-Day-Tickets are reduced by 5 euros (from 25 tickets), 10 euros (from 50 tickets) or 15 euros (from 100 tickets) each in category II at Rittal Arena.
As well there is a discount on 8-Days-Tickets when ordering at least 25 tickets: 5% off in category II. A discount of 15% is given from 50 tickets and 25% from 100 tickets.
These offers apply to email-orders only, to ticket availability and new orders only.

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