IDO World Ballet, Modern and Jazz Championships 2016


High resolution LIVE STREAM broadcast

from the prestigious IDO World Ballet, Modern and Jazz Championships in Wetzlar, Germany!

Our professional video-partner offers a LIVE STREAM in broad cast quality for the exciting and high leveled IDO events in Wetzlar, Germany!
Although Video-Kruse provides the service of a professional broadcast of this great event with different cameras and changing angels the LIVE STREAM will be available for just 5-6 € per day.

Two options to get LIVE-STREAM from Wetzlar:

1. Click on to be paid by PayPal or CreditCard - follow instructions. You can pay for as many tickets as you like per CreditCard or PayPal-payment. One day is 6 €.
2. Buy the voucher at Video Kruse's booth in the arenas in Wetzlar. There, one day is just 5 €. And you can also purchase the special offer of 5 tickets for just 20 €. Then SMS or call your people at home to tell them the CODE NUMBER, which you received.
Your people at home click into, add the CODE NUMBER you have SMS from the arenas in Wetzlar and they can enjoy the LIVE STREAM from the first rounds in the morning until the last ones in the evening. Please be aware it is Central European Time in Germany. Off course there will also be a daily schedule published at the streaming website.

Information for the ones at home..

...who cannot come to Wetzlar and enjoy the Ballet, Modern and Jazz World Championships in the arenas of Wetzlar personally: Give your dancers some additional 5 EUROs before they travel to Germany and they will buy the voucher(s) at the Video-Stand and SMS the CODE NUMBER back home. Then click into and be with us in Wetzlar - far away at home - but very close by Video-Kruse's professional LIVE STREAM.

Information for the ones who want to see the event at home in the studio, school, party location together with a lot of friends, students, partners, families, members etc.
Buy one or more vouchers and invite your friends to a party at home watching your fellow dancers winning the IDO World Championships.

General information: - One Voucher is valid for one day only. You can change the computer, just put in the code again.
- Use for the code only Capital letters!
- If you pay online it may take some minutes to get the code by mail. Sometimes it may help to check your spam folder for the code mail.

For any problems with the code please only contact:
For further information visit

Stadthallen Wetzlar Rittal Arena Wetzlar   Sportland Hessen

 Schwarz Rot Club e.V. Wetzlar Deutscher Tanzsportverband e.V The Actiondance Federation of Germany International Dance Organization